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Campaigns that Evolve

AdvantageU Application

The advantageU Product was developed using agile development process. As the product owner, I was in charge of collecting requirments, managing a team of 9 software engineers and collaborating with marketing. The application is integrated with a CRM system, Google and Wordpress. The application has added significal value to Real Agent Pro who where recently recognised as an INC 500 fastest growing real estate marketing company (#308).

D&L Groceries Digital Marketing Program

D&L Groceries and Tropical Sensation Resturant is a family business in Rochester NY.  This project involves revitalizing the marketing efforts to increase awareness of the Jamaican take-out resturant. I developed a marketing communication plan with stakeholders,  and provided a detailed marketing calendar using Microsoft Projects. We completed setup of Grubhub program that immidiatly showed 100% ROI. A enhanced menu with simplified pricing and launched a promotions and direct marketing campaign has proven to increase average ticket sale by 40%.

Social Media Influencer Marketing Program

Facebook social media marketing using an influencer and advertising strategy. This project involves managing D&L social medi platform. The project involves development of video content based on the resturant's menu and creating a series of ads to promote catering services. 

Evergreen B2B Marketing Webinars

Using Clickfunnels Marketing automation technology, I worked with the marketing team to setup a webinar lead generation product. Prospects and customers receive weekly email broadcasts and upon registering, they are added to an email follow-up drip sequence.

Email Marketing using Salesforce

Setup Salesforce marketing cloud to integrate with other marketing tools to capture leads and deliver a sequesnt of emails based on some criteria set by marketing. This project involves detailed project scoping and content development. Salesforce Customer Journey and Data Extension tools were used.

Something Old & Something New

Here I shared a video that contains my older projects and favorite RIT project done through the Center of Innovation. I did a lot of corporate graphic design work in the past. 

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