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Learn Our 10 Step Approach for Starting A Small Business

Business Notebook

Setup your bucketlist, vision board, annual goals, and major events to help you gain clarity, focus and performance. Don't worry, we will help you through the process.

Focus on what matters. You will get more done and feel better doing it. Recognize extraordinary leaps in your personal and professional growth as a member. You will dramatically improve how you show up in the world. Every. Single. Day. 

Book a session with your Innovation Consultant

  • Vision Board
  • Goal Mapping 
  • Performance
  • Innovation Planning
  • Journaling and Scheduler
  • Personal Branding

Building Influence

Young entrepreneurs can reach next innovation by learning about and practicing habits that drive growth. The ability to communicate, plan, organize and evolve are key learnings in our 1 year program. 

Participate in one-on-one training or a group learning session, to use practical tools that will help you build your business accumen.

Think of modern influencers as PR's (public relations) new-age kids. 

  • How to build a strong image?
  • How to increase influence using PR?
  • How to be Money Smart?
  • How to Prototype a Digital Business?

Designed For

  • Youth/students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals

Key Outcomes

Follow the lessons in this program and your life will transform so significantly and positively that you'll be amazed by your growth.

  • Improve Time Management
  • Increased Innovation
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Income
  • Strategy for Growth

Key Topics

You will be using the CXiP process to master:

  • Personal Development - Learn how to gain clarity, organize your thoughts, and core tools to help
  • Personal Branding Products - Plan, develop, and organize your personal branding assets
  • Personal Business Model - Learn to use CXiP for describing and analyzing your personal business models
  • Money Smart - Learn financial skills and create positive banking relationships. Learn here about Money Smart tools and strategies that yo

Schedule and How it Works

12-month blended program: 

  • 3 days of in-person Innovation lab workshops 
  • Online courses and practical business tools
  • Peer networking
  • Access to mobile app for business tools that support implementation


  • Monday – Wednesday: 3 Days of Self-Guided Work Sessions (30 minutes each)
  • Thursday: Team exercise work session (1 hour)
  • Friday: Video or Phone Call with Innovation Consultant


Designed for young entrepreneurs, this  hands-on programme provides key steps for getting a business idea off the ground. Learn how to understand market demand, prototype products or services, develop a business model, and network to raise funding.

ZERU's blended learning approach merges a low-bandwidth online learning platform with peer support and optional in-person sessions, so those with demanding schedules or limited Internet access can easily participate.

This programme is offered through accelerators, incubators, colleges, and enterprise development organisations that want to support entrepreneurs in their network.

Designed For

Family owned small business and teams

Key Outcomes

Participants have a viable business model

Key Topics

Business ideation, Identifying customers, Market research, Market sizing, Business model canvass, Prototyping & iteration, Pitching, Financial forecasting, Raising capital

Schedule and How it Works

12-month blended program: 

  • 3 days of in-person Innovation lab workshops 
  • Online courses and practical business tools
  • Peer networking
  • Access to mobile app for business tools that support implementation


  • Monday – Wednesday: 3 Days of Self-Guided Work Sessions (30 minutes each)
  • Thursday: Team exercise work session (1 hour)
  • Friday: Video or Phone Call with Innovation Consultant

It’s easy to get sidetracked, but you can’t afford to get lost.

Business associates will help you through the paperwork and understanding complex information.

Conveniently book appointments with your associate to review or work on projects. We will even keep project notes so that you can easily recall details.

You will have access to our self-help ebooks, webinars, video, apps, and research. Host Q&A session with your Innovation Consultant to brainstorm projects and ideas.

Learn about our practice

Personalized Instruction

Our workshops will give you ideas about improving and growing your business. In a one-to-one sessions we will lay out a plan that takes into account your specific skills, strengths and situation to help you practice what was learned.

Defined Objectives

Our mastery learning enable collaborators to move forward at their own pace learning 4 core concepts: Finance, Marketing, Operations and Product Innovation. Workshops have detailed learning outcomes. 

Mixers and Workshops

You will be expected to review case studies beforehand, summarize it, and generate a question based on it. Engaging learning experiences will help to reinforce techniques and content being covered. 

Ongoing Feedback

Collaborate with collegues and gain insights about your projects. Your Innovation Consultant is easily accessible via the Zeru FOZ app to provide feedback.

Family Matters

Create a family legacy, together.

Boost your family owned small business with an advance relationship building and business development program.

Teamwork will help you discover and brainstorm the basic skills and processes they need in areas like conflict resolution, collaboration, trust, planning, money, and marketing, and begin implementing these during the programme.

With practical workshops, online tools, peer learning, and coaching, participants are well supported as they build a more robust and successful business.  Our intuitive innovation studio, CXiP, is accessible via mobile for entrepreneurs with busy schedules.

  • Family Business Planning
  • Organize Your Team
  • Succession Plans
  • Money Smarts
  • Digital Business
  • Innovate Your Product Idea

Designed For

Youth/students interested in starting a business

Key Outcomes

Business resilience and growth, including improved survival rates, revenue growth and job creation

Key Topics

Book-keeping and cash management, business planning basics, reaching new customers, managing suppliers, controlling costs

Core components

12-month blended programme for 2-3 people, plus additional 6-month access to mobile app. Includes: 

  • 3-4 days of in-person Learning Lab workshops 
  • Online courses/practical tools
  • Practical project and peer networking

10 Steps to start a Business

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1-On-1 Small Business Training

Access your CXiP Studios

Build Your Entrepreurial Skills

Rewards & resources to help you scale

We work with you to Powering your Passion

Frankly, building a business is hard, especially the first year when there are limited resources, no or little support, and all you have is you (maybe a co-founder) and the belief that you can do great things. That’s when we come in – investing in you: working in collaborative spaces, together with you, figuring stuff out. 

Boost your growth with great free deals

  • Tools and applications to help you grow
  • Money Smarts Workshop ensures you have a sound financial structure ready for funding. 
  • Hands-on digital and ecommerce business management training to start or grow your business


Innovation consultants will help you build your skills as an entrepreneur

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At a productivity studio for evolving your process and brand.

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