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Harness precise tools and innovative strategies to transform aspirations into reality, empowering you to lead with confidence and creativity.”

Transform your business ideas into reality with ZERU's innovative notebooks and digital tools.




Empower your entrepreneurial vision with ZERU, we offer more than notebooks; we provide a platform designed to support and enhance the entrepreneurial journey, fostering growth and success of future business leaders.

Workshops for Innovators

  • Who is our target market? 
  • What need or problem does our idea solve?
  • How will we bring idea to market?
  • What resources (financial, human, etc.) do we need to make our idea a reality?
  • How do we communicate our ideas effectively?

Creative Powerhouse

Where ideas meet execution. Our studio is a go-to resource for branding, website development, and more.

What it takes to start a business? 

Manage Ideas
Document Insights
Clever, Disciplined, Motivated
Brand and Product Development

Select the plan that aligns with your business vision

Try it free for 14 days and experience the difference in your entrepreneurial journey


Plan, Organize and Evolve your projects (Personal or Business), in person or remotely

  • 30 GB storage per user
  • Research Team Access
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Website and Hosting
  • 1 Notebook + Digital Downloads


Small Business

Leverage expertise and tools while focused on the customer to drive sales through development, configuration and deployment of multiple business strategies

  • Business Plan within 6 months
  • Funding and Grant Writing
  • 24/7 Business Support
  • 2 TB storage per user
  • Min 2 Business Partners
  • Website Building, & Advertising
  • 1 Notebook + Digital Downloads
  • Apps and Integrations

Improve business skills

  • Entrepreneurship Training  
  • STEM Collaboration
  • Arts Collaboration
  • Business Model Development
  • 24/7 Business Support
  • Bootstrap your idea
  • 2 Notebook + Digital Downloads
  • 1 TB storage per user

Empower Others

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Your Membership starts the day you are approved and renews based on the date you were approved for membership. You will have immediate access to all benefits, so we encourage you to redeem as many benefits as possible!


No. It is a digital giftcard that you can use to purchase products and services from the center at discount rates. For example, you can setup and host an ecommerce website here for FREE. 


Membership is available globally. There may be some restrictions with brands that will be listed on the individual benefit pages, but we do our best to select benefits that all Members can enjoy.


Membership benefits are automatic. Load your giftcard ($25 minimum) and use it to pay your business development invoices.

Let's Talk Business

Our experts are ready to guide you in setting up and growing your business. Contact us to evolve your ideas into success.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Starting a business?

Setup a Business

Getting Started with ZERU?

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